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How do I create a report to track my payment history?

Click Reports at the top of any Bill Pay page.

Step 1: Click the Customize Reports link to create a new report.

Step 2: Select the report you want. To create a new report, select New Report in the Select Report pulldown menu.

Step 3: Enter a report name in the Report Title field.

Step 4: Indicate the time frame Select either from the standard list of time frames, or fill in the Begin Date and End Date fields if you have selected custom dates for the time frame.

Step 5: Indicate how the data should be Subtotaled.

Step 6: Select the Payees to be included in the report.

Step 7: Select the Payment Accounts to be included in the report.

Step 8: Select the Payment Statuses to be included along with the date and sort order.

Step 9: Check Save Custom Settings if you want to save the report for future use. Check Save as Default Report if you want that report presented when you first select the Reports page.

Step 10: Click Submit.

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