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How do I set up a company from the Local Payees list?

The Local Payees list includes some of the popular companies in your area. You can use the Local Payees list to make a payment to one of these companies in just a few quick steps. You can access the list from the Bill Pay Overview page and the new Pay New Payee page.

Step 1: Just select a payee name link in the Local Payees list to add one of these payees.

Once you have selected a payee from the Local Payees List, the Pay New Payees page will display to allow you to save the payee and make a payment. For more instructions, go to How do I set up a company or person to pay?

Bill Pay - Add Local Payee
Note: We display only the top 9 local payees on the Overview page. If you don't see your payee name in the list on the Overview page, select the View all local payees link to view all the popular payees in your local area.

For more information go to How do I set up a company using Find New Payee?

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