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How do I start paying my bills online?

Getting started is easy! To start paying your bills online using Bill Pay, just gather your paper bills and the names and addresses of the payees you want to pay. The steps below will guide you through the rest of the set up process.

Step 1: Complete your profile. The User Profile page must be completed before you can start using Bill Pay. Click User Profile in the Bill Pay menu bar and complete the fields that are not pre-filled. Be sure to check all the other input fields to update any necessary information.

Check Information: Contains the Display Name and Display Address.
Display Name: For Bill Pay payments sent by check, this is the name that will be printed on the checks your payee receives. If you enter a name in the Name on Account field for a specific payee, that name will be used on checks to that payee instead. For Business customers, the business name gets printed on the checks.
Display Address: If you choose "Use the billing address associated with my default payment account," the address associated with that account will be printed on the check your payee receives. If you choose "Use a different address", you can enter a different address to be printed on the check
Bill Pay - User Profile

Step 2a: We have local payees listed as some of our most popular payees in your area on the Bill Pay Overview page. You can add these payees in a few easy steps. Simply select a company, fill out the required field(s) on the next page and select Make Payment.


Step 2b: If the company you want to pay is not listed, click on the Pay New Payee button to add any payee including persons.

For detailed instructions on how to set up a payee, go to How do I set up a company or person to pay?

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Bill Overview - Pay a local payee