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How do I make a payment?

To make a payment, you must first set up a payee. Follow the steps provided in How do I set up a company or person to pay? To make payments to any of your existing payees, follow these steps:

Step 1: If this is your first time using Bill Pay and you've recently saved your first payee(s) or made a payment, you have the option to hide or permanently remove the Paying a new payee is easy section from the Bill Pay Overview page. If you select the Never Show link, that section of the page will be deleted.
Continue to Step 2.

Note: If you are an existing Bill Pay customer with saved payees, you will not see the Paying a new payee is easy section of the Bill Pay Overview page, go to Step 2.

Bill Pay - Pay New Payee

Step 2: If payments are due, they will be automatically flagged on the Overview page.

Note that you can select a payment account to display on the Bill Pay Overview page only for those payees that are linked to the payment account or account group you selected.

Step 3: In the Make payment to your saved payees section of the Bill Pay Overview page, enter or select the Amount and Send On date for each payee you want to pay. (The minimum number of business days that you need to allow for each payment to reach your payee is displayed below the Deliver By date for each payment. Note: the number of days does not include the Send On date.)

You can also use the calendar to select the Send On date. Follow the steps in How do I use the calendar?

If you have more than one payment account, use the dropdown to change the Payment Account for the payment.

Note: Click Show Payment Summary to view all pending payments, the 3 most recent payments as well as the payee's address and phone number.

Click Continue.

Bill Pay - Overview

Step 4: On the next page, verify the information for each payment you want scheduled. You can use the calendar to determine the delivery date for your payment based on the Send On date you select.

Category and Memo will default to the information you selected when you set up this payee. To change these options, use the pulldown menus or type over the information displayed in the Memo field. The Category field is for your use only and will not be shown to the payee. Memo information will be sent with your payment only when the payment is made by paper check.

Note: You can also make a payment by clicking Pay on the Payees, eBills, or eBills History page, or by clicking the Make Payment button on the Payee Details page. In this case, enter all necessary information on the Make Payment page and click Submit Payment(s).

Important Information: Changes you make on this page to Payment Account, Memo, and Category will only apply to this payment. To change information for all payments to a payee, go to the Payees page.

Step 5: If there is more than one payment and you want to remove an individual payment, click Remove for the desired payee. If you do not want to make any payments at this time, click Cancel. To make these payments, click Submit Payment(s).
Bill Pay - Make Payment

Step 6: The Payment Confirmation page confirms that your payment(s) are scheduled, shows details of each payment, and totals the payments by payment account. For your records, we also provide a payment reference number for each payment.

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Bill Pay - Payment Confirmation