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How do I edit my payee information?

Step 1: To view or edit information for a payee, select the payee name from anywhere in Bill Pay. This will take you to the Payee Details page.

Step 1a: Select the Edit link to the far right of the Account Information header on Payee Details and this will take you to the Edit Payees Details page.

Bill Pay - Payee Details

Step 2: Depending on the type of payee, you can edit the payee Nickname, Account Number and Name on Account.

Note: If you are receiving electronic bills for a payee you can only edit the payee nickname. For payees receiving electronic payments but are ineligible for eBills or for payees that receive payments via paper check, you can edit the payee nickname, account number and name on account. You can enter an account number for the payee even if you'd previously indicated that you didn't have one.

Step2a: Select the Continue button to save your changes, which will be confirmed on the Payee Details page.

Bill Pay - Edit Payee Details

Important Note: If your payee address or phone number has changed you will be unable to edit this information. You will need to create a new payee and may choose to delete the old one.

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