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How do I change or cancel a scheduled payment?

Click Payments at the top of any Bill Pay page.

Change a payment
To change a pending payment, go to the Pending Payments section and click on Select options from the Action column next to the payment you want to edit. Select Edit upcoming payment. Make the desired changes and click Submit Payment.

Note: You can also edit a pending payment from the Bill Pay Overview page (or the Payee details page) by selecting the Edit upcoming payment link in the Payment Summary area.

Cancel a payment
To cancel a pending payment, click on Select options from the Action column next to the payment you want to cancel. Select Cancel payment.

After you cancel the current pending payment, the next payment in the series will be automatically scheduled and displayed as pending. For example, if you cancel a monthly automatic (recurring) payment for the month of May, the June payment will display as pending.

To cancel the entire series of automatic (recurring) payments or to cancel automatic payments for electronic bills you receive for this payee:

Click Payees in the Bill Pay menu bar. Click on the name of the payee whose payments you want to cancel. On the Payee Details page, click Edit to the right of Payment Details to change the payment option and discontinue automatic payments.

When you return to the Payments page, verify the edits you made.

Follow the steps in the How do I make a payment? to reschedule an automatic (recurring) payment that you’ve canceled or to make an additional payment outside of your automatic (recurring) payments.

Note: Automatic (recurring) payments not tied to eBills are set up by selecting the “Exact amount” option on the Automatic Payment Options page or the Edit Payee Details page.

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